Geary You Legend!

Rushed Behind is adding a new sidebar, like the Shit List, but to recognise players who aren't shit. Like Jarryn Geary (well okay, his name is a bit shit) who single handedly saved my Dream Team from its first and second losses for the season (across 3 leagues and the eliminator). He and Travis Cloke (now added to the shit list for his long string of third rate performances across this season) needed to beat Pendlebury or Dal Santo and about 15ish points in 2 of my leagues in the last game of last round. Travis Cloke took the responsibility and got injured. Jarryn fired up for a 94 which gave me wins by 7 and 8 points to keep my record intact. He has also gone up $112,900 (even further than Luke Hodge (also added to the Shit List for consistant underperformance in DT) has gone down) and averaged more than 80 over the season so far. "The Vital Cog" is proving to be one of my most inspired selections (along with Otten and Krak-Whore). After Higgins ripped a hole in my side last week (assisted by Cloke and Hodge) I'm down to 1400th (exactly) but with those two Shit Listers out, I'm on the way up. If anyone has had 2 closer leagues (in 1 round) than 7 and 8, I'd like to hear about it!

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