Cricket: You've Just Broken The Ashes' Finger!

Late news from the 3rd test last night that Brad Haddin broke his finger. Apparantly he was facing the last few balls of the fast bowlers warm-ups and copped an injury on the end of his left ring finger. This was after the toss, but Strauss graciously let the Aussies swap in Manou for him, knowing that a one-handed Haddin would still bat better than Manou. He averages less than 25 in first class cricket. Thats less than Mitchell Johnson, Stuart Broad or Graham Swann. Will he bat at 9 or 10? Will he outscore Hilfenhaus? All these questions, and more will be answered during the remaining tests, which Haddin will miss. And Australia will lose the Ashes if they keep this no-hoper in. On the plus side, Shane Watson hasn't been injured yet, wonder if he was the fast bowler who broke Haddin's finger, just passing the injury curse around.

Send an SOS to Tim Paine immediately (ateast he plays like a batsman, even if his keeping is a bit average).

On a completely unrelated note, the Australian soccer world cup bid has a sweet soccer flash game. Check it out.

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Brendan Sims said...

So much for Haddin as the hot fantasy tip ... eek.
Manou isn't as bad as you say he is. At least he lasted longer than one f ball, aka Mrs Hussey and Mrs Johnson.

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