AFL Dream Team 2010 is Now Open!

And only 52 days, 17 hours until the first lockout! Click here for the Dream Team site, where you can enter.

The Rushed Behind has a league so enter the code 192161 to compete with the best DT minds in the business. There have been some significant changes to the game this year. In no particular order they are:

-Multiposition players can be swapped between their positions (swap the B/M in your backs for the B/M in your mids)
-Partial lockout for round 1 and split round, where you can make changes after the first Thursday game to your selections who aren't involved in said game
-If you register your team before the NAB Cup, you will be able to see how your team performs in these trial games
-Trading via the watchlist (quicker trading)
-See who is online in your league (code 192161)

Unfortunately, the discounts (given to some players from the standard formula of Magic number*last year's average=price) seem entirely arbitrary.
Having a quick glance gives you examples which just don't add up.
For example, Brent Staker played 6 games at an average of 53.5. He doesn't get a discount.
Adam Cockie played 7 games at an average of 58.7. He gets a 10% discount.
Clinton Young played 5 games at an average of 65.8. He gets a 20% discount.
Danny Meyer played 3 games at an average of 49. He gets no discount.
Ryan Cook played 2 games at an average of 62. He gets a 30% discount.
Brodie Martin played 2 games at an average of 71.5. He gets a 40% discount.
Jaxson Barham played 6 games at 71.3. No discount here.
Shaun Burgoyne played 9 games at 79.6. 10% discount.
Finally, Graham Polak played 2 games after recovering from serious head injuries after being hit by a tram at 34. No discount.

I can only presume that Virtualsports have made an arbitrary decision about which players were out because of injury and who was out simply because they didn't get picked. Or maybe they've made decisions based on making the game 'even'. The only general rule I can determine is that if a player played more than 10 games, they definitely don't get a discount, but below this it is undeterminable.

And finally, Goddard is still eligible as a Back, but is now dual positioned as a Mid also. Thats handy.

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