AFL Dream Team NAB Cup Rd 2-Who is Running Hot?

The first half of the NAB Cup has been run and won, giving a good indicator of Dream Team potentials. Who has stood up?

Burning up like a space shuttle on re-entry:

Tom Rockliff (Bris FWD, $101,100): Second year player who played 1 game last year has scored 87 and 89 playing in the Lions midfield. Lock in the Rock.

Michael Barlow (Freo MID, $105,800): Mature age rookie recruited from the VFL. Has scored 94 and 96 and is an effective certainty to be promoted to the senior list.

Nick Natanui (WCE RUC, $232,400): Went from a player only any serious DTer should avoid to a 2nd ruck option with an eye catching 115 in his 1st game. Expect an average closer to the 66 he scored in the 2nd game with Cox in the side.
Nick Malceski (Syd DEF, $242,800): Returned to his '07 form with scores of 83 and 100. Definitely consider, depending on your team structure.

Justin Westhoff (Por FWD, $283,600): The one trick pony has added another to his bow, with strong scores (72,106) as an around the ground ruckman ala Mitch Clark. Watch further before even thinking about putting him in your team.

Mitchell Banner (Por MID, $94,500): Has shown himself to be a hard in-and-under midfielder who can push forward. Scored 87 and 82 to make a play for your midfield bench.

Hayden Ballantyne (Freo FWD, $232,800): After struggling to make a significant mark as a mature age recruit last year, Ballantyne has scored 79 and 97 this year and shown great improvement.

Jarrod Kayler-Thomson (Haw MID, $77,800): The mature age rookie scored 98 in the 2nd game, showing his potential. A spot in the Hawks midfield is far from secure however, so there are probably better options.

Matt Campbell (Nth FWD, $223,400): An ex-North Adelaide Rooster who was previously known as a small forward has pushed up the ground in the Aaron Davey mould this year, scoring 88 and 71.

Dustin Martin (Ric MID, $149,500): Looks like he is ready to step in and lead the Tigers midfield. Has scored 88 and 78. Just get him.

Daniel Connors (Ric MID, $156,000): Is playing the Joel Bowden DT-whore role at Richmond. Has scored 98 and 64. Definately consider as a near-rookie onfield.

Warm like a cup of coffee:

Matt Maguire (Bris DEF, $101,700): Priced like a rookie, he should be solid but not spectacular scoring. Scored 70 in his single NAB game so far.

Amon Buchanan (Bris FWD, $268,400): Has played as an in and under midfielder and produced solid numbers . Watch with interest.

Matthew Leuenberger (Bris RUC, $201,100): Will play as Mitch Clark's understudy after Jamie Charman suffered a major ankle injury. Only scored 49 in his sole game so far, but is capable of more, with the increased game time expected.

Eddie Betts (Car FWD, $274,300): Scored 110 in his sole game so far, could be on the verge of a breakout year without Fev taking his supply.

Robert Warnock (Car RUC, $101,800): Has played both games so far without getting injured. Has only scored 23 and 51, but any game Warnock gets to the end of is a good game.

Luke Ball (Col MID, $366,500): Showed what he could do this year with a score of 105 in the first game before being rested for the 2nd. Injuries are the worry here.

Heath Shaw (Col DEF, $365,400): Expect a more consistent year from Heath, with sides opting to tag Swan and Didak instead. Scored 109 and 64.

Brent Stanton (Ess MID, $443,600): Scored 130 in his sole game and may be able to improve again this year.

Courtenay Dempsey (Ess DEF, $266,000): Scored 105 in his sole game in the NAB, should be able to improve again on his average of 61 last year, but don't expect him to punch out 105s with regularity.

Mark McVeigh (Ess MID, $268,400): Showed that he still has good footy left in him and paid off the DT-hype with scores of 82 and 85. Strongly consider despite Rd 1 suspension.

David Hille (Ess RUC, $237,300): A definite option for your 2nd ruck proved his fitness by playing the 2nd NAB game. Scored 65, which is serviceable but this should improve with a bit of footy under his belt.

Clancee Pearce (Fre BAC, $246,600): Looks to be a DT-whore in the vein of Duffield or Broughton, scoring 97 and 88. Is on the rookie list without a rookie price and will have to fight for promotion.

Chris Mayne (Fre FWD, $220,800): Has been injury prone in the past, but showed his potential with a 94 following a 54 in the first game. Doesn't seem a natural DTer, as he needed 5 goals for his 94.

Corey Enright (Gee DEF, $394,300): Scored 121 and 106, making him the clear standout gun defender. However, this was helped by 2 Geelong losses giving him more ball to rebound. Can he keep it up in the real season?

James Podsiadly (Gee FWD, $77,800): Should make a nice cashcow, being penciled in as Geelong's 3rd tall forward. Scored 35 and 73.

James Hunt (Gee DEF, $164,100): Showed what he will deliver the tens of thousands of probable owners for this year, with a good score of 72 and a spud score of 35. Still, at least hes not injured.

Sam Mitchell (Haw MID, $449,200): Is raring to go this season, blasting out scores of 139 and 97.

Jack Grimes (Mel DEF, $392,300): A risky selection, with an already high price and an injury prone history. But Grimes showed why he is still being considered by the brave and the foolish with a score of 136 in the midfield following a limited first game of 48.

Tom Scully (Mel MID, $157,500): Written off before the season as a project player by many DTers, Scully scored 49 and 67 to outpoint Trengove and put his hand up for a spot in the side.

Ben Warren (Nor FWD, $234,800): Warren showed he has the potential to up his average, with scores of 72 and 67. This may not be enough to justify his inclusion.

Jay Schulz (Por FWD, $199,500): Another player who was destined for the Richmond scrapheap looks like reinventing himself at Port. Jay has scored 82 and 51 and looks like being given a solid run in the side.

Cameron Hitchcock (Por FWD, $97,800): A livewire small forward, Hitchcock scored 48 and 65. He is on the rookie list, but looks like being promoted and could be a solid bench player.

Ben McEvoy (StK RUC, $194,100): Scored 90 in the 2nd game after 44 in the first. Could squeeze his way into the Saints retirement home ruck setup.

Matthew O'Dwyer (Syd MID, $212,000): Has struggled to cement a spot in the senior side for the past 2 years. A score of 90 in the 2nd NAB game will help his chances following a 53 in the first.

Mark Seaby (Syd RUC, $226,700): Scored 46 and 79 leading the Swans rucks. Could be a solid 2nd ruck option, but TOG isn't certain yet.

Lewis Jetta (Syd MID, $105,500): A near certainty to play round 1, the quick half forward won't be a big DT scorer but could be a solid bench contributor. Scores of 56 and 60 underline this.

Chris Masten (WCE MID, $293,900): A ball winning midfielder entering his third year, Masten scored 93 and 74. However, he had enough stats to have made a lot more points. Nervous starter or poor DTer?

Luke Shuey (WCE MID, 94,500): Scores of 49 and 74 don't tell the full story for Shuey. He started as a substitute in the first game and had limited TOG in the second. This shows his DT potential, but also that he isn't certain of a game.

Daniel Giansiracusa (WBD FWD, $378,500): Gia is a player who seems to be able to pull DT points from nowhere. Even when you hardly see him for the game, he gets 80. So when he is in good form, scoring 85 and 118, you know you want him.

Brodie Moles (WBD MID, $83,800): A mature age rookie, Moles scored 42 and 75, showing he may be a handy option. His problem will be breaking off the rookie list and then into the powerful Bulldogs midfield.

Jordan Roughead (WBD RUC, $94,500): Roughead looks certain of the number 3 ruck at the doggies, scoring 54 and 45 to be a good option for your ruck bench

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