The Specialist Fielder - Moises Henriques

The Specialist Fielder will cover a player who has been picked for a sporting team with no recognisable skills with the bat or ball (in cricket) or just general incompetence in another sport. The classic specialist fielder is Cameron White for Australia, who bats at 7 or 8, has a highest score of 45 in 28 matches and an average of 24 with the bat overall in ODI matches. He only bowls occasionally, going for 6.4 runs an over when he does. Somehow he has maintained his position in the Australian ODI and 20/20 sides. However, sledging White is old-hat so this week's Specialist Fielder is:

Moises Henriques!

Moises was picked for the Australian 20/20 side for the match against NZ despite doing nothing at all to deserve the call-up except being young. He has averaged 19 with the bat and 39 with the ball in domestic one day matches , and these games have been gifted to him because of his "potential" and history as Aussie under 19 captain. Henriques will be a good player, in 5-10 years time but surely the best side avaialble must be picked, not the best side for the 2016 World Cup!
Unsurprisingly, Henriques was out for 1, batting at 8 and was not bowled, with the part time spin of Dave Hussey preferred. Hopefully he doesnt get another game until he is ready for it!

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Brendan Sims said...

Definently agree. Man I thought Cam White was shit but after looking at those stats he looks even worse.

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