Prestigiacomo - I Will Win The Dream Team Premiership!

In an exclusive interview with The Rushed Behind today, perennial Dream Team dud Simon Prestigiacomo announced a change in his game plan starting this year. "Presti" noted that despite his Collingwood side playing in the final of the NAB Cup tonight, they are not in a position to challenge Hawthorn or Geelong within next few years. Presti explained, "I'm 31 now, and I'm running out of time to play in a flag. I figure the best chance I've got of winning one is to change my focus. If I give 110% to the task of winning an AFL Dream Team Premiership, then I might be able to influence the results my way and come home with the title." It is clear that on current form, no Dream Team with "Presti" would stand a chance as he has provided an average rating under 35 for the past 5 years and only played 2 games last year. However, Simon seems determined to change this side of his game, announcing that "No one else will pick me in their teams. So if I can score big and help some of my Collingwood and Dream Team team mates score well too I should be in with a chance." Presti has assembled a fearsome collection of football minds to help him with his task, announcing that Swans stars Tadgh Kennelly and Nick Fosdike retired to accept better offers as assistant coaches to Presti. He noted "Sydney players traditionally score poorly due to their defensive gameplans. But if I can encourage them to change this, there could be some Dream Team gold there. I wanted them to keep playing, but they gave some horseshit excuses about morals. There's just no place for these things in a winning Dream Team side." At this stage The Rushed Behind tried to get a comment from Simon about the rumours surrounding Daniel Merrett and Matt Egan and their potential signings as playing assistants to his team. However, Presti would not be drawn on the issue, only saying "It would be illegal for players on different teams to collude to help one of them win a premiership. That is match fixing and frowned upon by the AFL.". He did however note that "It would be so much easier if there was a decent Serie A Dream Team, everyone there is so much more open to this kind of thing." So what does the future hold for Prestigiacomo? He reckons "I'll be playing like Joel Bowden for the next few years, maybe until 2013 so that I can play with the new Gold Coast and Western Sydney teams, lots of Dream Team potential there and then retire to become a full-time Dream Team Coach." The Rushed Behind is scared by what this may mean for the league and the future of other leagues once Presti Enterprises gets into full swing.

Presti also said "Its not too late to join the Rushed Behind Dream Team league, the number is 135697. I'll be there!"

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