Ross Lyon - Saint or AFL Dream Team Devil?

Dream Team (DT) gets serious this week, with the first week of finals kicking off. So Ross Lyon decides to "withdraw with injury" 5 of his players, 4 of which are critcial DT players for many coaches. Riewoldt, Goddard, Montagna and Hayes (as well as Baker, who is of no interest to DTers) have been left out of the side to face Hawthorn. They are all listed as "unsure of exact diagnosis or prognosis" on the prime DT injury source. The only silver lining is that my man Geary and 'possible cover if you had him at the start of the year and got too many injuries to cash cow him' Dawson come back. On the downside, Gilbert has been kept back becuase of this resting policy too. I'm betting the Ross Lyon is playing someone who has a ton of St Kilda players in his DT finals series. For disgraceful coaching like this, Ross Lyon goes onto the RB Shit List.

Then chuck in Chappy's hamstring, Ellis, Grimes left out so Melbourne don't win too many games with a "hip", Skipworth omitted, Dazzle, Sidebottom, Barham, Harding, Ballantyne suspended and doubts on Stevie J and Jolly and you've got the DT week from hell. I'm carrying 2 donuts, but I know of people who have 6 or 7.

Nathan Lovett-Murray (of little DT importance) is still playing, despite being charged by police for possessing ecstasy. Looks like the AFL have taken the Tom Boonen route on this one. But then its no surprise, with the soft drugs policy they have. The AFL are content to go Dodo, sticking their head in the sand about anything they don't want to know about. Like tanking. Several clubs are obviously tanking this year, with coaches selecting vastly weakened sides (and constantly leaving out Jack Grimes). The players would never play at less than 100%, but the coaches certainly would.

Australia held out for a draw in the 3rd Ashes test, with Brett Lee and Brad Haddin possible inclusions for the 4th game, starting tonight. Flitoff has fitness concerns, but he has before every game this series. He'll play. Haddin should be fit enough to takes the gloves from Manou (who just shaded Hilfenhaus with the bat in the last test, scoring 21 runs in 2 innings (1 not out) to Hilfy's 20. The Haus did only get one inning though) but Lee will probably be left out. Australia's bowling attack in general seems uncertain still, so your only cricket DT certainties for Aus are Hilfo and Johnno (Hilfenhaus and Johnson to any Poms reading). Stuart Broad's spot in the Pommy side is uncertain too, with Sidebottom brought into the squad. But really, cricket DT is simple compared to trying to dodge tanks in AFL DT.

Edit: Add Bock and Fisher to the list of outs and 2 more donuts makes 4 for the Rushed Behind.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, you talk yourself up as a bit of a DT legend, what tips do you have to gain a decent score at the start of the year, does it come down to decent reserves?

The Rushed Behind said...

I wouldn't say DT legend, this year I've had a bad run with injuries, I'm out of all 3 leagues as of tonight. But I do alright, came in the top 4 of my DTTalk league this regular season and was top 1000 overall last year. My main tips would be to 1. Do your research, especially on the kids at the start of the year 2. Don't waste trades sideways (that was my mistake this year) 3. Pick your premium players who are consistent scorers and rarely injured 4. Continue research during the year, and are the two best resources on the net 5. Over the lead-up to next season I'll probably do a series of beginners guide to DT articles (since I'm into the flow of this blogging business now) so check back here in February or so for more.

(Couldn't find an edit option so I deleted the last post and edited that I was top 1000 last year, not this year)

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