Cricket Dream Team: We Are Winner

Just a little update, in between my science of swing research. With the Ashes over and the Poms somehow winning (despite averaging more than 6 runs per wicket less than the Aussies) you need something to cheer you up. So here are some recent fantasy results:

The Rushed Behind Blog League (as posted previously) came 7th in the overall best leagues competition out of 889. Go team! I reckon we shoulpd be 5th though because two of the leagues above us only did one or two tests. I personally (as the Rushed Behind) came in the top 400 (in 345th for those of you who like exact numbers) out of around 9000 entries after being screwed over by Michael Clarke's duck as captain in the last innings.

In the other Ashes fantasy competition of note, The Rushed Behind finished 9th overall. That's 9th as the 9th best team in total. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how many teams there were in total, because of the poor system used by SBS but I would estimate at least 1000 teams.

I read a great article on DTers the other day on, so check it out. I'm definately the "Injuries have F*%ked me this year" guy. Who are you?

A rapping cyclist. Now I've seen everything. Its also pretty funny, especially if you are into cycling, or just like seeing someone try to fit words like cardiovascular fitness and cadence into a rap. Disappointed he only has a $5000 bike though, Giant have a $18,499 model. Bonus points for also being Aussie.

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