AFL Dream Team 2010 Player Profile: Franklin, Lance "Buddy"

Vital Statistics:
Name: Lance "Buddy" Franklin
Team: Hawthorn
Position: Fwd
2010 Price: $354,900
2009 Avg: 80.8 from 21 games
Historical Avgs: 96 from 22 in '08, 79 from 20 in '07, 57 from 14 in '06, 51 from 20 in '05
-Was below par last year, with poor supply and weight issues detracting from his point scoring
-Has been rarely injured historically (playing more than 20 games in all but '06)
-Had a strong finish to the year with scores over 90 in 5 of his last 6 games
-Should improve back to somewhere near his '08 average of 96
-Is still young and scarily could still improve

-Suspension carried over from last year means he will miss round 1
-Has had a few troubles with the tribunal in the past (3 visits in the past 2 years)
-Has Tom Boonen like off-field problems which may lead to a suspension (if the AFL has decent testing procedures)
-Gives away a lot of frees against (-3 points each)

Best Case Scenario: 21 games at 98
Worst Case Scenario: 18 games at 86

At a Glance: Dipped last year, should be back up again in 2010. Make sure you have playing cover for round 1

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