AFL Dream Team 2010 Player Profile: Dalziell, Bradd

Vital Statistics:
Name: Bradd Dalziell
Team: West Coast (traded from Brisbane)
Position: Mid
2010 Price: $332,200
2009 Avg: 84.0 from 8 games
Historical Avgs: 95 from 7 in '08
-Is an absolute ball magnet
-Good DTer, gets plenty of cheap uncontested marks
-Has been traded to West Coast and so can enjoy the wide open spaces of Subiaco Oval which suit his uncontested game
-Is still inexperienced and so has plenty of improvement in him
-Has one of the most inside players in the AFL (Kerr) taking the tags and feeding the ball out to him
-Has a 10% discount

-Is possibly the most outside midfielder since Nathan Lonie
-Struggled to break back into the Brisbane side this year after a knee injury
-Has only played 15 games, yet is still priced at almost $400K

Best Case Scenario: 22 games at 102
Worst Case Scenario: 8 games at 90, West Coast realise that he is nothing but a stats whore

At a Glance: Superstar DTer, average player. Make sure his position in the side is secure during the NAB Cup.

Aside: I was going to do a rundown of the players involved in trade week and what it means for their DT scoring, but Dream Team Talk already has a full writeup so I'll just point you to them.

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