Cadel Evans - World Road Cycling Champion

I never thought I would see the day when Australia's great white cycling hope Cadel Evans actually attacked. After 2 years of wheel-sitting to get himself 2 second places in Le Tour De France in '07 and '08, he completely ballsed up the '09 edition. He suffered from a throat infection and dropped down the leaderboard like a boulder attached to an anchor. However, a podium place (3rd on paper, 2nd once Valv.piti gets suspended for doping in the Operation Puerto affair) in a Vuelta showed signs that Evans was coming back. Then he exploded in the World Championships in Mendrisio.

After some great support from his Aussie teammates (who, unlike those at Silence are not useless) in bringing back the breakaways and keeping him in the right place, a small group of 20 or so (including Evans and Gerrans for AUS) was formed by a Spartacus attack. Several more attacks later and the group was down to 8 odd, with Gerro dropped. There were 3 Spaniards in the group, Valverde, Rodriguez and Sammy Sanchez while no other nation had any more than 1 (Kolobnev, Evans, Cancellara, Kroon, Cunego, Gilbert). Rodriguez blasted off the side through a gap in the road, with Kolobnev following him. This looks like the defining attack. Evans sprints across the gap, closing them down. No-one else can follow Evans across. Cancellara tries in vain to bring the trailing group forwards. They hit the last climb of the day. Evans goes hard, blasting away from the other two. Rodriguez is spent, he went away in an earlier break also. Kolobnev tries desperately to up the pace, but he can't match Evans. Rodriguez keeps following Kolobnevs wheel, but has nothing left to give. Cancellara has no friends in the chase group and they can't catch the duo of Kolobnev and Rodriguez. Meanwhile Evans is time-trialling at the front, even opening up a gap. No-one can catch him, he wins! Kolobnev 2nd, Rodriguez 3rd. Gerro got 10th, continuing his record of top 10 places in classics.

So thats what can happen if Cadel actually attacks and has support from his team. Probably the biggest win in Australian professional road cycling history. Way to end the season on a high. Imagine how long the mechanics will take to change his wheels now that he has the rainbow jersey curse?

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