AFL Dream Team 2010 Player Profile: Luke Hodge

Vital Statistics:
Name: Hodge, Luke
Team: Hawthorn
Position: Back/Centre
2010 Price: $366,800
2009 Avg: 83.5 from 19 games
Historical Avgs: 97 in '08, 95 in '07, 90 in '06, 101 in '05, 74 in '04
-Has averaged 90 or above for the past 4 seasons before '09
-Dropped his average in '09 due to an interrupted pre-season, in '10 he should be back to previous form
-Played all 22 games in '06 and '07 showing durability
-Has never played less than 15 games in a season

-Has been tagged more in '09 so he may never get back up to his peak of over 100 ppg

Good Luck Result: 22 games at 98 ppg
Bad Luck Result: 18 games at 87 ppg, cops a heavy tag

At a Glance: A gun who historically should average at least 10 ppg more than his price

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