AFL Dream Team 2010 Player Profile: Andrew Mackie

Vital Statistics:
Name: Mackie, Andrew
Team: Geelong
Position: Back
2010 Price: $365,100
2009 Avg: 83.1 from 21 games
Historical Avgs: 91 from 18 in '08, 83 from 21 in '07, 70 from 14 in '06, 59 from 7 in '05, 36 from 13 in '04
-Was below par at the start of the year, sucking his season average down
-Averaged a gun (as a defender) 91 in '08
-Plays 3rd tall defender/general mid-sized defender and so can play freely
-Is only 25, so he should keep improving for a couple of years
-Gets more kicks than handballs and plenty of marks around the back

-Has never played 22 games in a season, although has only been a regular for the past 3 years
-Historic backman averages suggest he doesn't have any more than 10 ppg of possible improvement
-If Harry Taylor gets dropped, then he might have to play 2nd key tall

Good Luck Result: 21 games at 94 ppg
Bad Luck Result: 16 games at 84 ppg

At a Glance: Good player who should improve on 2009 figures


Brendan Sims said...

I updated my blog, but your blog roll hasn't changed.

The Rushed Behind said...

Yes it has.

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