AFL Dream Team 2010 Player Profile: Tom Swift

Vital Statistics:
Name: Swift, Tom
Team: West Coast
Position: Centre
2010 Price: $301,400
2009 Avg: 68.6 from 10 games
Historical Avgs: N/A
-Averaged 95.6 over the last 5 games of '09
-Only 1 score below 85 in those 5 games
-Sucked his price down with 4 games under 45 in mid-season
-Has proven his ability to dominate a game in underage ranks

-Has historically been injury prone, missed most of '07 and '08 with injury
-Could be dropped if he has a bad patch like in mid-season '09

Good Luck Result: 20 games at 95 ppg
Bad Luck Result: 4 games at 60 ppg, out with a season long injury

At a Glance: Potential gun worth the risk


Daniel Matheson said...

Mid season 09? You are refering to his first four games of AFL? He was played out of position as a back flanker for those games, he came in from WAFL level where he dominated games. He is a natural midfielder who wins hard ball and does the impossible. Prolific across the ground, he will have a massive 2010, i think he is the best player in the 2008 draft. Could win the Rising Star.

The Rushed Behind said...

Yeah, I was struggling to come up with any negatives at all for Swift. Will be a lock in most people's teams for next year for sure.

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