All Hodge's Base Are Belong To Malware!

I recently upgraded to the 21st century (not dialup) and somewhere during the process of getting a decent firewall, antivirus and anti-spyware combination, picked up some nasty malware. How does this affect my Dream Team? I hear you say. Well, if your computer is screwed, you can't get on the net to update your team or make trades. So shutup and let me continue my story... This particular program failed to show up in antiviral scans using both McAfee and AVG, and anti spyware scans with 3 different programs. So I had to get my hands dirty inside regedit and find the source (with a bit of help from your good friend the internet). Why am I telling you this? Becuase if you can't read my blog, theres no point in me writing it. So, for my sake, make sure you have the latest version of (Not internet explorer) your browser, and good quality firewalls (not windows firewall) , antiviral software and antispyware programs. Sermon ends.

Last week was a bumper week for Dream Team scoring, with my decision to keep the Blockmeister and Raines vindicated by a post-2100 score thanks to Chapman and Gablett (now that Nathan's retired, the G isn't really necessary) However, Hodge has still failed to click into gear (maybe he is infected too) , providing a microcosm of Hawthorn's overall performance. They do have some players out, but I think their performance is more that they simply weren't that good to begin with. The Cats were the best side for all of last year, except the one week that mattered (and when they lost to Collingwood).

That picture is copyright Me, 2009 :-) Hawthorn's cheer squad certainly know how to make a banner that breaks well.


Brendan Sims said...

This time a hat-trick for using "microcosm", which I don't even know the meaning of and how did u put a pic in? I imagine it's easy but I never have tried. What suggestion do u hav for a firewall?

Crow Maniac said...

Theres an icon in the post new blog section (where you type stuff) which adds a picture. A separate window comes up and you can upload a file and choose size and location.

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