My Dream Team and Abbreviated Match Reports for 3 AFL games and the Melbourne GP

You may have noticed (those of you who are paying attention and have, give yourselves a gold star) that I haven't blogged since my brief rookie DT round-up. I've been away in Melbourne for The Biggest Weekend of Sport Ever By A South Aussie (a registered trademark of the Rushed Behind corporatrox). Before we get into that, I said last time I would post my Dream Team for you guys. After some last minute tinckering (finding an internet cafe in Melbourne for the 160 minutes of madness, you need to get your priorities right :-)), it is as follows (ordered by first round score, becuase thats easier for me):
"Better Than Fisher" Goddard (398,400)
Houlihan (244,900)
C.Cornes (379,500)
"Bockmeister" Bock (372,900)
Hodge (428,800)
Raines (188,100)
"Gears of War" Geary (192,100)
"Petrenkalenko" Petrenko (86,600)
Suban (86,600)
"DT God" Ablett (495,700)
Dalziell (420,300)
Judd (378,600)
Otten (126,500)
Hasleby (257,800)
Kerr (339,200)
"Goddamn, Why Is He Injured?" Anthony (86,600)
Cook (86,600)
"McIntosser" McIntosh (296,600)
Cox (473,200)
Spencer (75,300)
Browne (75,300)
Skipworth (196,600)
"Lecture" Chapman (410,600)
Higgins (211,900)
"Cost Me A Prize" Pavlich (440,000)
T.Cloke (334,000)
"Cousin of" J.Riewoldt (257,800)
"Crack Smoker" Krakouer (189,300)
Walker (86,600)
Brown (86,600)

I saw 3 games live on the weekend, plus the F1GP in Melbourne. So I'll just give you some things I noticed.

Hawthorn vs Geelong
How did Hawthorn even get close? Geelong seemed a much better side for almost the whole game, but like in the GF last year, they just couldn't kick straight. Harry Taylor is officially on the Rushed Behind "Shit List" (I'll display this along the sidebar somewhere soon with links to the posts where they joined the list). He displayed a defensive ineptitude when opposed to either Roughhead or Franklin that has only been outdone by Stephen Gilham when he was on the Port list playing for North Adelaide (also a founding member of the "Shit List"). In the end, Geelong just managed to hold Hawthorn in an excellent quality game that showed why these sides will be competing for the flag on the LSIS.

Collingwood vs Adelaide
Another quality game, highlighted by the performance of "Bernard" Vince. Adelaide's young players performed exceptionally, showing that both Otten and Petrenko should be handy cash cows (or even keepers if they continue to improve). Otten plays like a Bock clone as a rebounding defender and Petrenko plays a rebounding half back or goal sneak. The umpiring was fine, despite what Collingwhine were bitching about. I reckon the supporters at the ground took it better than the president, probably becuase the average Pies fan has never read the rules (or anything more substantial than the TV guide). Both sides should be in contention for top 8 spots at worst.

St. Kilda vs Sydney
This game showed total dominance to one side at a time. Sydney were far better early, but failed to even score for long periods later. Zac Dawson was notable for not being shit. Jarryn Geary needs to buy some new deodorent because his team mates seem to want the ball anywhere but where he is. Riewoldt was almost unsighted, burning those DT coaches who chose him ahead of Pavlich as their most premium forward.

Melbourne F1 Grand Prix
Almost no passing occured (as is normally the case in F1) and yet it was an exciting race, with the new boys on the block, Brawn GP going 1-2 after 2nd and 3rd placed Vettel and Kubica collided, allowing Barrichello to take 2nd to his team mate Button. The twilight concept worked okay, although some fans would have struggled to see the action later in the day. The Who were excellent at the after race concert, proving that although their lyrics "I hope I die before I get old" may need to be re-written, they can still rock out.

The Rushed Behind is now lobbying to buy the naming rights for the newly re-named Etihad Stadium for next year, because almost every other corporatrox has endorsed the ex-Telstra Dome. I don't think this is quite as long as the Stat-tastic Aussie Cricket team was, but its still too long to put my thoughts on the Australia-South Africa test series into. I'll save that for the next post, at a relevent time during the ODI series.

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