Another Bargain Down With Injury

Bargain No. 2 for this year's Dream Team has gone down with injury, following Andrew Raines (who is back in the VFL this week). Hayden Skipworth, selected by 89,991 Dream Teamers (basically everyone except this guy) has done a hammy and will be out until atleast round 8. He has only gone up 54K so far, and your rookies haven't gone up enough to turn him into a premium yet. So hang on, and play Walker (if you have him) or Brown on the field. 

Now, about everybody's favourite Captain (except Calvin of who recommended not to put him as C and got flamed down by irate commentors), Gablett! He knocked up 46 touches last week and 3 goals, but only netted himself 155 DT points. Thats some Daniel "No Marks" Kerr style "underpointing" (I know its not a word, but I reckon it should be). He was laughably "tagged" by a combination of Robert Shirley and Michael Doughty who both go onto The Rushed Behind Shit List for their efforts. 

Facts About Players Selected In Dream Team:
Shane Valenti of Melbourne is the least selected player in all of DT, with only 352 people selecting him. 
Surprisingly, Brent Moloney of Melbourne has only been selected by 672 people, despite him being actually playing and fairly good. 
Nick Fosdike, who retired before the season started has been selected by 2663 morons. 
However, thats nothing compared with the 4576 people who have Pat Garner (Bris) who was on the Rookie list to start with and did his 3rd ACL in the preseason. A special mention to the people who traded him in last week (his change in selections was +22 last week)
Of course, the gold in stupidity must go to the 7843 people who have Matt Egan, despite him probably never playing again and definately being out for the whole season. 

So it clearly takes a special kind of skill to finish in the bottom 1000 of Dream Team. Why not try it next year?

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